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In the time of The Creators, the gods walked among the people and protected them from all manor of evils, even each other. Those times are long gone and the races must stand together against all that confronts them, even when it is each other. Empires rose and fell, powers changed hands, and world has settled into a collection of kingdoms and controlled lands that live a tentative peace for now. Much of the world is still ripe with dangers and many places once tread by the ancients are now lost to time and the encroaching wilderness. Survival is challenge no mater where you call home, the deep of the wilds or the halls of leadership. All you have to do is let yourself in and partake in...
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The first book, which will be broken into three parts (System, Setting, and Encyclopedia), is based around the large kingdom of Senton and the surrounding areas. In addition to the huge skill list, that includes everything from advanced combat to wilderness survival to diplomatic conflicts, it includes a complete Spell Creation system (which all included spells were made with) and enough goodies to keep things interesting for years. Once released, the book will also come with access to a complete interactive and expanded version of the rules, especially the spell creation and Encyclopedia listings, through special membership to this site and access to the complete rules Wiki. You can check out the Completely Free LoK Basic Version in our cram-packed Scrolls and Books section, as well as the free wiki (once it's completed). All of which are updated any time the system is changed.

You can also enjoy the extra features found here in the meantime, like my blog (Dragavan's Den) and the always entertaining Forums, home to the Travelers of Karn. That's the name of my gaming group, which I have been blessed to be leader of for more than fifteen years now. Me? I'm Dragavan, creator of this game, this site, and the Land of Karn.

So, welcome to the Land of Karn, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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